Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Reason Why I LOVE My Job!

Children are a HUGE part of any public library. Sometimes they drive you crazy, but mostly they are absolutely wonderful. Kids are honest, and when they love something, they are not afraid to tell you.

Such was the case today. A former board member came in this morning with the girls she babysits, to pick up their summer reading program t-shirts. All preschoolers. They came in to the workroom, and Dee was trying to track down their shirts. I said hi to one of the little girls, and she just gave me the "stink eye." Eeeeek. Finally, the shirts were found, and the little girls were ecstatic! They jumped up and down and wanted the new shirts on NOW, over their clothes. When the little girl who gave me the stink eye had her shirt on, she jumped up and down, ran over, and gave me a BIG HUG. And then they all traipsed out, full of glee over their fabulous new t-shirts.

If your heart doesn't melt over that, well, you don't have a heart.

It made my day.