Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thanks, Universe

Earlier this summer, I made a conscious decision to open myself to the universe.

I've been pretty closed off for the last few years.  Kept myself to myself.  While this is a safe route, it gets a little lonely.  And I didn't always live this way.  I decided it was time for it to stop.

So, I made a conscious decision to open myself up to the universe.  Come what may.  It started with inviting out a college friend for a visit.  I put myself out there.  And while we will just remain friends, I'm so glad I did it.  You can't put yourself out there without risk.

Now I'm in the process of cultivating some wonderful friendships.  One is with someone I've known for quite a few years, and she is just terrific, although she will blush when she reads this.  We have been meeting up at the Farmer's Market quite a bit this summer, and she is fun, easy to hang out with, and becoming a good friend.

I also met, today, with one of my favorite professors from Cornell.  I learned so much from here then.  She was a great professor and a terrific mentor.  After more years than I really care to acknowledge, we met today for coffee and had a wonderful time talking and catching up!  And now, a new friendship to enjoy and cultivate.

Thanks, Universe.