Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Summer FLEW......

...and now the first day of school is just three days away! What happened to summer? I can't ever recall a summer that flew by so quickly. Is this what it means to get older? I don't mind getting older, not that much, but I don't like that time starts to go by so fast....

And we are days away from the beginning of junior high. How is this possible? I remember, so vividly, that first day of kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN, for crying out loud. And now we are starting 7th grade. We have gone from a small girl, barely 5 years old, starting her first year of school, to a very tall, very beautiful, young lady, beginning 7th grade. Blows me away.

Junior high is the beginning of "real" school. Grades that count. Homework that matters. Study skills that count. Gillian coasted through elementary school, other than one year with one VERY bad math teacher. But a little tutoring, and a good 6th grade math teacher helped with that. Now she's going to be in pre-algebra, and starts volleyball practice on Thursday!

The new school year signals a new year for us. I'm ready and excited for the fall routine to begin. New school year, new beginnings!

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