Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yoga Yoga Yoga

I am so incredibly glad we are taking these yoga classes. I've learned a couple of things in the last two weeks:

1. I am terribly out of shape.

2. I WILL accept a challenge.

3. I sweat. A lot.

We take two classes each week. Each class is very different, and each instructor is VERY different. They each have a different take on what they teach and how they give it. Our Tuesday class is more challenging in a way, but the instructor is very laid back. Our Thursday class is more for beginners, but the instructor is more "textbook," for lack of a better word.

But each class is sooooo enlightening and so AMAZING. I love being able to focus on nothing but myself for two hours a week. Listening to my body and what I can and can't do is nothing short of fantastic. Frustrating, yes. Sweaty, yes. But can I see myself doing this for a long time? Absolutely. Without a doubt.

Yoga is a great workout. It's also a great way to learn about oneself. Thanks to Gillian for suggesting this.


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skibbytidoodah said...

I love my yoga class, too. I finally got to go to class yesterday after not being able to go for two weeks, and I could really tell how much I'd missed it. I love that it's quiet and internally focussed, because so much of the rest of my week is not, and yet it is still really challenging physically.