Friday, August 12, 2011

Such an Interesting Childhood!

A recent group on Facebook is "You Know You're from DeKalb Illinois when...." Such memories have surfaced in the last few days! School memories, friend memories, church memories. It's been a rush.

It makes me think about my childhood. DeKalb was such a wonderful town for a childhood. Big enough to be interesting, but small enough that parents didn't worry. We would be at the city pool all afternoon in the summer. We could ride our bikes all over and no one worried. We could go downtown with friends and no one cared. Ice skating at the Lagoon in the winter.

One set of grandparents lived in Sycamore, the next town. They lived in a very old house, and the cellar was stereotypically creepy. It was a great house. And Sycamore was the birthplace of the great Pumpkin Festival, with the best parade EVER. We would park in my grandma's driveway and walk down her alley to the parade route.

My mum is English, my dad's family had southern roots (My grandma Hayes made THE best homemade macaroni and cheese. I will never forget this). And we went to a Finnish Lutheran Church. The combination of these influences is something I hold incredibly dear. I truly believe that, only in the Midwest, can you find a combination of influences like this. DeKalb had such a wonderful Finnish influence. I don't know anyone else, other than DeKalb people, who understand this.

Southern, English, and Finnish. What lucky kid, other than someone from DeKalb, would be lucky enough to benefit?

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