Monday, March 5, 2012

Life is Never Dull!

I have one week until I'm taking a week off - using some vacation time.  I went to bed last night making a mental list of everything I wanted to get done this week at work before I'm off for a week.

And then I get up.  And I have this sinking feeling.  Not sure why.  Until I try to wake up the kid.

AND SHE IS SICK.  Yuck yuck sick.  Can't even sit up - face hurts, throat hurts, can't move.

OH NO.  I call the clinic and make an appointment for her to get in to her nurse practitioner.  11am.  I'm guessing it's a sinus infection, except her throat hurts, she can't even swallow.

We get there, the nurse takes her vitals, including her temperature, and the kid actually has a temperature.  Here's the verbal exchange we had:

"You have a fever!"  "You never have a fever when we go to the doctor!"

"Mom, when was the last time I had a fever?"

"The last time you had Strep."

BINGO.  You guessed it - the kid has Strep.  And she is miserable.  We got home, and I called in to the library.  I don't care if the kid is 14 (and a half).  When your kid has Strep and a fever - you stay home.  My director wasn't very happy, but what can you do?  Certainly not leave your kid home alone!  Poor girl - she was miserable.  Slept some, moaned and groaned and was generally very unhappy.  Finally took some ibuprofen, which helped.  Eventually, I made her get out of bed and plant herself on the couch in the loft and we watched tv and relaxed.  The ibuprofen and the antibiotics are kicking in some.

It's awful when your kid is sick, but you take care of them and make sure they know they are loved and cherished.  And be grateful for antibiotics that are meant to be taken for things like Strep.


Annie said...

You're a good mom and strep is nothing to mess with. Of course, there is a rule about vacation and sick time wanting to spend time together. Looks like they got their wish. Next week the kid will be all better, you'll have you time off, and all will be right with your world again. Enjoy yourself next week.

Johanna said...

I hope she's feeling better! Your family is more important than work. You did the right thing.