Sunday, December 28, 2008

Looking Back on the Holidays

The holidays have been lovely this year. We stayed home since I had to work the day after Christmas, I couldn't get it off, even though the 26th is my mum's birthday. Yep, people all over the world get to have the day after Christmas off, but not me, not this year. Such is life, I guess!

But I digress. Christmas Eve and Day were absolutely lovely. I spent the morning of Christmas Eve honoring my tradition of making Nissua, a Finnish coffee cake, and listening to the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, live from Cambridge. Then we packed up and headed to Dan and Jerry's for Christmas Eve. We had Filipino food for dinner, watched a wonderful dvd of Lea Salonga, sang some karaoke, tried to watch It's a Wonderful Life but only made it a third of the way through, and then we opened some presents. Our friend Trevor and Noel spent the day with us, and we just had a wonderful time together.

We slept in some on Christmas Day, then I got up to get started on Christmas dinner preparations, with trifle for dessert, and roast beef and Yorkshire pudding for dinner. Gillian got up and HAD to open her presents from me, which she was so excited about, and so wonderfully appreicative of. My best friend Janice also came for the day, and then Dan and Jerry came over, and we had a lovely time talking and laughing and opening more presents and enjoying dinner.

It was such a relaxed and joyful two days, full of the people I love. What could possibly be better?

Tomorrow, Gillian heads up to Camp Wapsie for a short Winter Camp. She is so excited! Dan will take her in the morning, and we'll go pick her up Wednesday afternoon.

Life is good.

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Annie said...

Hi Elaine. Sounds like happy times for all. Wishing you all the best in the coming year, Annie