Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am so angry right now I could just spit. Or cry. Or throw something.

Gillian woke me up in the middle of the night, very stuffy and with a sore throat and having trouble sleeping. I gave her some cold medicine and she went back to bed. When it was time to get up this morning, it was obvious that she was sick. Sore throat, stuffy, and puffy from not getting a good night's sleep. So, I sent her back to bed and called her in absent at school. Poor girl, and on such a beautiful day, too.

Now, I'm not angry that Gillian is sick. I feel bad for her 'cause it's never fun to be sick, but being sick is not something you can control.

What I'm so angry about is the way I was just treated by my boss when I called in to say I would not be in. How does it help ANYTHING to be rude and unkind to your employees when you call in because your kid is sick? Her tone was mean and she pretty much hung up on me.

I don't understand -- what is the point of behaving this way and treating people with such disrespect and unkindness? I don't deserve to be treated this way - NO ONE deserves to be treated this way.

She is back to all her old ways, and well on the way to creating a hostile work environment again. When you treat people like this, you don't get the best, do you? How do you expect people to be motivated to do their best and give their best when you treat them horribly?

I am so incredibly tired of this. Something has GOT TO CHANGE.


Johanna said...

I'm sorry Gillian is sick. And I'm sorry your boss is being icky again. It could be, though, that she is feeling pressure from her higher ups about something. Maybe budgeting or something she isn't sharing with all of you.

I often think when people are icky, they, themselves, are suffering from their own set of issues and pretty much take it out on everyone in their path.

It doesn't make it right, but it's human nature.

I hope Gillian feels better!

Elaine said...

Yea, maybe it is human nature, but the problem is that she is doing the same things all over again.

The budget is done, the okay has been given to start on the fundraising for the library expansion. If she gets frustrated with stupid things the city council is doing, she always shares with us.

No, this is just plain old meanness.

Johanna said...


Well chalk it up to just an unhappy person.

It stinks that a few people have to ruin it for everyone else.

It's too bad that you have to deal with this person.

Annie said...

You work full-time. You have benefits. They no doubt include self-sick and family sick time. She's way out of line. Who is the boss's boss?

Samantha Wikstrom said...

This sucks, Elaine. You are a total rocker and roller, and you should be given loads of love from your boss and not loads of crap.