Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Been Awhile!

It's been 10 days since I've blogged! The horrors! Sorry about that, folks. There hasn't been much important to mention, so I didn't see the need to blather away at nothing.

But, things at work are getting weird again. Some of you may remember the insanity I lived through last year. Unfortunately, the passive-aggressive games seem to be starting up again. This time, it focuses around Facebook.

In the public library world, we have dozens of patrons who come in every day and use our public Internet stations. Many of them use Facebook to keep in touch. Librarians use it, too, to keep in touch with other librarians, to stay current on the technology that our patrons are using, and to keep in touch with our family and friends.

It's a great tool for keeping in touch with colleagues, friends, and family. No one on staff, who uses Facebook, abuses it. We don't take a formal lunch or breaks, so a 5 minute mental break to get on and check things is not a big deal.

But suddenly, access to Facebook has been blocked on staff computers. Not on the public Internet stations, just staff computers. Well, some of us, anyway. It's interesting, but our director, who instigated this, still has Facebook access on her computer.

Hmmmmmmmm. As usual, "do as I say, not as I do" is the philosophy that seems to reign supreme. Nice, huh? Some things just can't seem to change.

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Annie said...

Typical. Does not surprise me. And just try to say something. Hah to that.