Sunday, May 17, 2009

This Weekend Wore Me Out!

This was a tiring weekend. I don't know why, I didn't do anything exhausting. I think mentally and emotionally it was a draining weekend.

Friday night was relaxing and a good start to the weekend. We did our grocery shopping and got that out of the way, and then my friend Janice and I IM'd and discussed our trip to Amsterdam this November. She's been going there every November for years for her job, but this will most likely be the last year she goes. I've wanted to go with her for a long time but the timing has never worked out. This year it will work. I'm going to MAKE it work. So we talked about the trip, the hotel where we'll stay, etc. I started to get a little excited! November is a long way off, but I'll use the time to save money, etc.

Gillian had a party Saturday afternoon, so we spent the morning cleaning up and getting ready. Some friends came over early to help her set up, and then there were 7 of them, boys and girls, having a great time all afternoon. Gillian had everything under control so I didn't have to do a thing. I just let them have fun and checked on them periodically. Remind them not to run in the house, don't bang on the sliding glass doors on the porch, stuff like that. They had a good time, but it was a little exhausting, mostly because one of the girls was a "screamer" and screamed about everything. When you're 11 you don't notice things like that, but it gets to you after awhile!

Today was audition day for Gillian. City Circle, the acting company the she did Schoolhouse Rock with is going to perform a school edition of RENT. It's just for junior high and high school students, and since Gillian is going into 7th grade, the director said of course she could audition. Well. She did a fine job with her audition, but she was by far the youngest in the room, and the other kids trying out easily had 5 or 6 years of muscial theatre experience and/or choir under their belts. There was a little stage fright going on, and it was a rough afternoon. A good learning experience, but not a comfortable learning experience. We'll put it that way. It was also a time consuming experience, and we were both exhausted when we finally left. I think she's feeling better now, but she's disappointed, of course. I was blown away by the talent in the room. Some of those older teens can really sing. And in a few years, Gillian will have a stronger voice. She needs patience.

So, it was a learning weekend. Sometimes those growing pains can really hurt. But, we learn from them and we're better off from the experience. In the meantime, we'll focus on the summer, and Disney World, and warm weather!

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