Friday, May 7, 2010

Digital Native? Converts?

I was talking to two friends tonight about the exact same thing. Technology. We are all the same age, graduated from high school the same year, all went to college.

One friend uses pretty much the bare minimum: some computer, some cell phone. The other friend is definitely plugged in: computer, cell phone, various social networks, downloadables, etc.

As a librarian, I use technology every day. Not only am I fascinated with it, I need to know it to do my job! If I don't know it, how can I help patrons? But here's a little secret: sometimes I get impatient, so on occasion I play dumb about stuff so I don't have to play "trainer." Been there, done that! I never do that with patrons, though.

I've always been fascinated by technology and whatever is new. I think it all started with that first connection to the Internet. With something bigger, something that connected the world. That was all it took and I was forever hooked.

What I find so interesting is the connection people of my generation have to technology. I know as many people who are reluctant users as are users who embrace it. Those of us from Generation X seem to bridge two different schools: those who embrace technology and those who can envision a life without it.

People from my daughter's generation, the Millenials, have no concept of a life without all the technology we have now, and they expect technology to constantly change. While I am excited by new upgrades or new technologies, my daughter takes that for granted. I guess that's the true difference in our mindsets?

With the speed the world, and technology, is changing, I am grateful I find it all fascinating. To learn is to grow and evolve, right? I think my favorite line from the movie, The Big Chill, sums it up:

"I'm evolving, I'm still evolving."

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