Tuesday, April 27, 2010

About Last Night

Gillian was home sick yesterday. Stomach ache and headache. I stayed home with her, too, and just went to work for my desk time and book club. By evening, she was feeling just fine.

She decided to go to bed at 9pm, so she could get up at her usual 5:30am. I went to bed at 10pm, and read until 11pm. Before turning in, I went in to check on her. Gillian was laying there, awake, and complained to me that she had been trying to go to sleep for the last 2 hours. I told her to just relax, and just try to go to sleep, but she did rest all day, so I wasn't surprised she was having trouble going to sleep.

I went to bed.

A little while later, I hear someone by my bed. It was Gillian. "Do you know where my MP3 player is? I found my earbuds."

I told her no, I didn't know where it was, and go to bed. Her response was, "Whatever."

A few minutes later, I had a hunch, and got up. Yep. Her door was closed and her light was on. I walked in, and there she is, pulling her dresser away from the wall, looking for her MP3 player.

She did find her portable drive......

I told her to go to bed, made sure she was in bed, pushed her dresser back against her wall, and turned off the light.

But, a few minutes later......."Mom, I think one of the cats is in the dresser!" Sooooooo, I got up, saw both cats, and told the girl, nothing is in your dresser, I opened the drawers, and all was well. I tucked her in, told her to STAY in bed, and shut off her light! And I announced, "Tonight has turned into a Comedy of Errors!"

And I laughed all the way back to bed.

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Julia Christine Howe said...

Haha, I really enjoy your blog.