Saturday, February 28, 2009

How Cool is This?

My DAD is on Facebook. How cool is that? You know, he just had his birthday, he turned 78 years old this past Tuesday, and the man joined Facebook!

It's true that Facebook is no longer just for high school and college students. So many people in my family are now connected thanks to this wonderful social networking site: family here in the U.S., family in Canada, and family in England. I'm in contact with cousins I haven't seen or spoken to in years.

And now Dad is part of the mix. It really excites me to see people embracing and trying new things. And just goes to show, you should NEVER stop learning!!!

Yay, Dad!

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Annie said...

I felt exactly the same way when my DH got a Facebook page. It as so unexpected and so unlike him. See, Elaine, we CAN teach the old dogs new tricks. Yeah.