Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tomorrow is the First Day of the Rest of My Life

The library staff, minus one party-pooper, is beginning a group diet-athon. Tomorrow. We weigh in tomorrow. Gulp. It's lasting for 6 months. Ugh.

It all started when one of our very loyal and very favorite patrons said that he would donate money toward the library building expansion, one dollar for every pound the library staff lost, up to 250 pounds. So, we decided to start a diet challenge to raise money for the library expansion. The title of our diet fundraiser is -- "Lose to Expand." Kinda catchy, huh?

So, tomorrow, we weigh in, and start our weigh toward healthier weights and healthier lives. We'll weigh in every two weeks.

I am ready to do this. Last year was a very stressful year, and I know I handled that stress in an unhealthy way. Less working out, didn't pay attention to what I was eating or drinking. Now is my opportunity to redeem last year's sins.

I'd already decided that this year I was going to take better care of myself and treat myself better, and this new challenge just feeds right into that. I won't tell you what my weigh-in tomorrow tells me but I will report on how the challenge is going.

Here we go!

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