Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yea, That's Me....the One with the COOL Parents!

Without a doubt, continuing to learn and try new things keeps you young. Good for your brain and good for your attitude! I firmly believe this, based on people I see come in to the library. They exercise on the rec center side, and then they come in the library to read and get books and movies to take home.

And then there are my parents, who are, without a doubt, the coolest parents. Ever.

My dad set up a Facebook page for himself about a year ago. He's on it about every day, and he's in contact with friends and with our family who are all over the place. He uses email daily, so he uses technology and he's pretty comfortable with it.

Last night I spent almost an hour chatting online with my mom. We talked about books and I gave her a bunch of recommendations to look for at her library. We talked about 2012 and earthquakes, the poles shifting, that fun "sciency" stuff that no else I know likes to talk about! It was great.

I just really love and appreciate that my parents (who are in their seventies, by the way) will try new things and go with the flow.

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