Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gray or Grey?

After just updating my Facebook status with (Elaine Hayes Reitz) "thinks a chilly, gray Sunday is the perfect day to just putz around the house," I started to wonder about that age old question:

What's the difference between "grey" and "gray"? (OK, it's probably just me that thinks this is an age old question, so just humor me.)

The English language is such a wonderfully strange and complex language. Plus, depending where you live, English can be a very different language! Word spellings rarely seem to follow any sort of rules - for every rule there seem to be more exceptions to that rule than words that actually follow the rule!

So, after updating my Facebook status, I decided to discover, once and for all, the difference between "gray" and "grey". You know what I discovered?

For all intents and purposes, GRAY is the American spelling. GREY is the British spelling. But both are correct.

Yeesh. That was it?

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