Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's a Generational Thing

I love when I have the time to just let my mind wander and think about whatever it wants. You just never know what thoughts will pop into your head!

Last night I started thinking about technology and the differences between my generation and Gillian's generation. What we each take for granted that the generation before did not have.

For my generation, it was fairly limited. Television, of course, and maybe air conditioners. I remember when music cassettes became so popular they edged out LPs. But the big thing would have to be television. I remember my parents talking about sitting around the radio for entertainment, and my dad talking about his favorite radio shows - The Shadow, Jack Armstrong, Little Orphan Annie. As a kid, I couldn't imagine a world without TV!

And then there was this HUGE technology explosion! CDs, cell phones, computers, Internet, laptop computers, iPhone, Playstation, Xbox, Wii, the list goes on and on! Gillian, a member of the Millenials, has absolutely no concept of a world without them.

Sometimes I wonder if there's been an evolutionary shift. The kids of Gillian's age group seem to have an instinctive understanding of all this technology. They just know how it works. And they gravitate toward anything new.

It's just amazing to me. Technology changes and improves so quickly anymore. The saying, "As soon as you buy a computer it's out of date" is so true. But to the Millenials, it is what it is! They aren't amazed by the speed of upgrades and new technology.

That's just their world.

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