Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Thankfulness

This weekend, I'm thankful for the weekend and the time with my darling girl. Saturday was pretty lazy, and other than a trip to Walmart and The Co-op, we just hung out at home. Gillian cleaned her room (Hooray!).

But today, Sunday, is one of my favorite days of the year. Yep, I am a geek. I LOVE the day we return to Standard Time! It's amazing how one little hour can make the day feel so wonderfully long. Plus, I can sleep in and still get up early(ish)! And now it will be light in the morning again!

I still don't understand this need to keep extending Daylight Savings Time. I do understand changing the time during the summer months - in the summer we have about 15 hours of daylight, so it is nice to shift time so we can have it lighter longer in the evening. And the sun is rising at 6am or earlier, anyway.

But pushing the return to standard time further and further into Fall is ridiculous to me. "They" (those crazy politicians) think it saves energy, but aren't we really just borrowing from Peter to pay Paul? Maybe it's lighter for a little longer in the evening, but it stays dark in the morning that much longer, so everyone has their lights on at home then! There are going to be only so many hours of daylight, no matter what time you impose on the clock.

Plus, it messes up the cows.

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