Thursday, October 23, 2008

At Long Last - Pics from Dubuque

I've been meaning to post some photos from my trip to Dubuque last week, but life has been getting in the way! Before we get to what's been going on, here are some photos from my trip last week.

We stayed at the Grand Harbor Resort in Dubuque, Iowa. It's right on the Mississippi River, and it's a beautiful building with breathtaking views. Of course, I'm a Illinois/Iowa girl through and through, so I have a special affinity for The Big Muddy. Anyway, here are some views of the Mississippi River from the resort and from our hotel room, which looked right out on the River. Click on the pics if you want to see them up close....

This is my favorite picture, taken last Friday morning from our hotel room:

If you can ever get to the middle of the country, north or south, to experience the Great River that is The Mississippi, you won't be sorry. It personifies America to me like few other landmarks do.

Oh, and here's a picture of a chipmunk outside my house. Isn't it cute?


Annie said...

Hi Elaine. My husband grew up on the edge of the Mississippi down in SE Missouri. One just can't realize how big that river is until one sees it. Where he grew up, it was a mile across. Amazing.

Johanna said...

Beautiful area! :) Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Patti said...

I love the pics, thanks for sharing. They are so clear and you can see the leaves just starting to change. The area is beautiful.
Chipmunk is cute too!