Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm in Dubuque!

Just a quick blog this afternoon. And a shoutout to laptops and wireless connectivity.

I am in Dubuque, Iowa, this week, at the Iowa Library Association annual conference. The conference is being held at the Grand River Center, right on the banks of the Mississippi River. It's beautiful here. We can walk right out the doors and straight to the river, and our hotel room also has a river view.

I'll be taking pictures and posting them later this week. When we drove up yesterday, it was rainy and very dreary. Today is beautiful - brilliant blue sky, sparkling river, and the leaves are changing. It's getting difficult to be inside!

The conference is very interesting. Right now I'm sitting in a session about Wii gaming in libraries. For all ages. I'm going to try this this winter.

I've been learning about the changing face of reference, and generally getting that good feeling of "I love being a Librarian!" that I always get when I come to the conference. It is usually a very motivating and self-esteem boosting experience!

More later!


Patti said...

You have got to be the coolest librarian I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.
Gosh I just think you do the neatest things!

Annie said...

You and my friend Jone in Oregon should compare note since you are both librarians. She just co-hosted a conference for children's literature in Portland. You can find her at Deo Writer. Tell her Annie says hi.

Anonymous said...

Had to take a map of the USA to check on DUBUQUE !
Another way to travel, Elaine ...!
(Good that the conference was interesting and worth the while...)