Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some Time for Me

It is a gorgeous October Saturday, vividly blue sky and breezy, so the leaves on the ground make that wonderful crunchy sound when they blow around. Days like today make fall my favorite time of year.

We were up bright and early this morning, MUCH earlier than normal for a Saturday.....reason being because this weekend is Halloween camp at Camp
Wapsie! Check-in time was 10am, so we were on the road by 9am. It takes about an hour from our house. The day started out cloudy, but started to clear as we drove north. As we pulled in to camp, the sun broke out from behind the clouds, promising a glorious day!

I walked Gillian to her cabin, helped get her sleeping bag and pillow on her bed, and then gave her hugs and left her to her adventures. They will have so much fun - crafts, a "haunted" trail, and a party tonight with Halloween costumes. Good stuff!

I got home a little around 11:30am, after a quick stop at my friend Kristina's great food store, Cocina del Mundo. It's a great shop, full of wonderful combinations of spices that she combines, and her own AMAZING chicken salads, salsas, soups, pastas, and imported goods, just to name a few of the things Kristina carries. I picked up a serving of her pear pecan chicken salad, which was perfect for lunch, and a couscous paella mix, that I'll make in the next few days. Seriously, check out her website.

I've spent the day messing around at home, doing some cleaning and organizing, and then I did some grocery shopping. I did shop at Walmart. I have been shopping at Walmart quite a lot lately, and I'm noticing a real change in the service as well as in the employees working at my Walmart. In the past, the employees didn't seem quite as devoted to their job, but today I noticed a real change in the attitude of the employees working there. Much more customer service oriented, as well as older (by that I mean actual grownups). Harder working, too. I'm going to hope that means that the Walmart conglomerate is treating said employees better...

I also stopped at our Co-op, and picked up some fresh bread, cheese, and some salmon for dinner tonight. I was amazed at how EXPENSIVE salmon is right now! I just got a small filet, and I know it will be delicious.

After a walk in the gorgeous fall air, I'm now home, relaxing and thinking about a yummy dinner and an evening of movies before seeing what Saturday Night Live has up their sleeves tonight. I hope everyone is having a glorious weekend!

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Annie said...

Hi Elaine. I just love rambling fall days. We can't give ourselves enough of those. I bookmarked the store. What an intriguing place. Yummy recipies there.