Friday, October 10, 2008

What a Week

Friday night and I'm finally home. Exhausted. It's been a busy week, and I'm feeling it!

I had to work on Sunday, it was my turn, so knowing that I now have two days off, I feel like I've entered heaven. Sunday was a rough day - our automation system at the library was down, so everything had to be done by hand. Not awful, but it takes at least twice as long to check in and check out. And of course, everyone had to comment, so I had to repeat the story multiple times. God love our patrons.

The rest of the work week, other than a few extra hours of desk time on Monday, has been pretty normal. Lots to do, and lots of planning done for programs for this month.

Gillian has had rehearsal every night this week, plus some extra rehearsals for the play she's doing on Saturday. Nice though - no Schoolhouse Rock rehearsals this weekend. Just one last rehearsal and then the performance of The Pillowman tomorrow (Saturday) night. One week from tonight is opening night of Schoolhouse Rock!.

Tonight I had a program at the library, after we closed at 7pm. Duffy Hudson, a film and Broadway actor, also does a traveling, one-man, Edgar Allan Poe Show. He performed tonight at the library, and he was phenomenal. It was a treat to see someone make Poe come alive. After hearing some of Poe's life story and dramatizations of The Tell-Tale Heart, Annabelle Lee, and The Raven, I will never read or look at Poe the same way again. We have a book of Poe's poems and short stories here at home, and I may need to pick it up again this weekend.

But for now, we're home, relaxing and watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on Disney. I'm happy, so happy, it's the weekend!

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Annie said...

Hi Elaine. Isn't it great when you get two days off in a row. I don't know what I would do without them. And when I get a three day weekend, oh wow. Heaven. It's Saturday night now. The Poe show sounded fascination. I don't think our library has ever done anything like that. Our town is small enough that something like this would be a big deal and well advertised. Wishing Gillian all the best in The Pillowman this evening.