Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Making Friends with the Starbucks Barista

It's official: I love Starbucks.

Gillian and I were at the mall Monday evening, and I asked her if she wanted an Advent Calendar this year. I didn't want to assume, now that she's 11 years old, because maybe Advent calendars are babyish? But she assured me that she definitely still wanted one, so I thought we'd look to see what Target had while we were there.

But then I remembered that Starbucks sometimes has very nice Advent calendars, so we wandered over to see. We walked in, and sure enough, there was a table display of Advent calendars. As I was picking the display up to look at it, a guy sitting at a table next to the display said they'd be on sale for 50% off starting Wednesday. But when I turned over the box, it already had a sale sticker of $9.95 displayed, so I took it up to the counter. Unfortunately, the sale stickers were on a little too early, because the calendar still showed as $19.95. The barista was very sweet, though, so I didn't give him a hard time about it, but I did mention that since the stickers were already displayed, I could have given him a hard time about it. So.....he told me if I came in Wednesday morning to purchase the calendar, he would treat me to a cup of coffee. He said he'd be working, so I told him I'd be back.

Sure enough, when I walked in this morning, there he was, and there was the display of Advent calendars. And, it did ring up for the sale price, and I got my Americano with an extra shot. Plus, they had a coffee roast, the Pikes Place roast, that I haven't seen at a Starbucks outside of Seattle, and he gave me a pound of beans for about half price!

What a lovely way to start the holiday weekend. And, to find someone who knows how to treat customers, well, that is definitely worth repeating.

That's why I now love Starbucks. The End.

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Patti said...

I think that it is fine to have an Advent Calendar. I had one up until I moved out of the house. And then my dad started where I left off, he bought them for the boys. Now, I know Eric is 13, but he still looks forward to them. I bought a cloth one to make, but they don't care for that much. They like different ones. I usually buy them after Christmas!