Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Back!

I haven't blogged for awhile, it was a long week. Work has really been draining, exhausting, and frustrating, and I just haven't felt like doing much at all when I get home in the evenings. All I can say is if things don't change soon, I don't know how much more any of us (on staff) can take. Being a librarian is a joy to me, and I know without a doubt it's what I'm supposed to be doing with my life, but lately it's been very difficult to find the joy. But that's enough about that, because the weekend has been really lovely so far....

Since Friday was Halloween, and an absolutely gorgeous one to boot, Gillian went trick or treating, and one of her best friends came over to trick or treat with her. They wanted me to come along. I didn't think it was necessary for me to go with them, they are 11 years old, but I was glad I did. It was fun to see all the families out with their little ones and be a part of the neighborhood, but it hit me that I have really limited time to do things like this with Gillian. She may trick or treat one more year, but as she gets older she'll be spending more and more time with her friends and need mom around a little less. It's a little bittersweet, isn't it? It's incredible to watch your child grow and turn into this amazing person, but the price for that is that they begin to need you less and less as they become that amazing person. I'm just lucky to get to be a part of it.

After trick or treating, we went to a friend's party for a little while, which was lots of fun, and then we came home and watched Jeepers Creepers, a very scary movie. The girls had never seen it, and I'd seen it once but a long time ago, so we ALL screamed!

Yesterday, Saturday, we did a little vacation shopping. I was counting on Kohl's to have some good clearance deals on summer clothes, since that's what we need for the cruise. We did very well. Gillian needed a dress for formal night on the ship, and we found an absolutely adorable dress for her - on sale. Then I found a cute little dress for one evening, a pair of shorts, and Gillian found FOUR new shirts. Grand total for all these clothes???? Only $48.00!!! I was very pleased.

Last night was a Halloween party at Dan and Jerry's, and we had a GREAT time. Gillian and I dressed up as beat up Cubs fans, and our costumes were well appreciated. It was a very laid back party - lots of talking, great food, good music, and an overly dramatic interpretation of Time Warp, a la Rocky Horror, by a few of us!

Today is a lazy day, but even better, it's the day we move the clocks BACK an hour! It is one of my favorite days of the year. Isn't that goofy? It's just one hour, but it really seems to stretch the weekend! Gillian and I are going to have a little pre-vacation spa time, and later today we'll meet up with people to celebrate a friend's birthday.

Two days until Election Day, although I've already voted. It's going to be a monumental day. I'll be up late watching the returns, I'm sure. Please, to all of you - VOTE! Be a part of the process. Everyone's voice DOES matter.

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Patti said...

How exciting about the vacation, much needed I am sure of that.
As for work, you found a wonderful life skill that works so well with you. It reaches so many people and touches your life as well. That is wonderful. And you know that with all jobs, there comes so problems. Unfortunately that is the way it is in life, sucks doesn't it.
I have voted, ready for the returns to come in, ready for a new president. Not McCain either.
I want to hear all about your cruise, I am so excited for you... where are you heading anyways?