Thursday, January 15, 2009

But it's Summer There......

This morning, when I turned on the local news, the big story was the weather, of course. Cedar Rapids set a new record low of -29, and I know it wasn't much warmer in Coralville. I saw -22. We're talking COLD. REALLY, REALLY, COLD. So the morning anchors were being silly (their brains were frozen, I'm sure) and asked the weatherguy to find out the temperatures at the north and south poles.

At the next weather update, he reported his findings. He couldn't find the temperature at the North Pole, but he did find a current temperature in Antarctica.

It was only -18 there. Really. It is warmer today in Antarctica than it is in Iowa.

Well of course it is! It's summer there!

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Annie said...

Now THAT'S just plain depressing Elaine. Good grief.