Monday, March 16, 2009

Sometimes the Weather is Nice

I am on vacation this week. What a treat, really, to take vacation time without a big trip planned. Gillian has Spring Break this week, so we're just hanging out and going with the flow.......

Today we took our time doing anything, other than sipping coffee (me), watching a little daytime television, and contemplating the day. Oh, and enjoying a little homemade banana bread....Then we got ready and headed out: first to Goodwill to drop off some clothes. Then to Walgreens to drop off some disposable cameras that Gillian had. Some lunch, a trip to Barnes and Noble, and then back to Walgreens to pick up the photos. It was fun to run around a little bit in the fresh air and sunshine.

After that, I took a walk up and down our neighborhood hills -- yes, contrary to popular thought, parts of Iowa ARE very hilly -- and then we christened the screened in porch for the season. Gillian found this very fun "Girls' Kit" at Barnes and Noble, complete with a how-to manual for some different crafts like friendship bracelets and God's Eyes, a great jump rope, and a set of jacks. We did a little jump rope, played jacks, and I perused a few magazines I bought. It was a wonderful afternoon.

We'll have a few more lazy days this week, and then on Thursday we head to Illinois. Thursday and Friday morning at my parents', and then Friday we head into the 'burbs for some girlfriend time -- Gillian going to visit a friend, and I'll visit my dear friend Janice. What we've just discovered, which is so coincidental, is that Gillian's friend lives less than a 1 1/2 miles away from Janice! I like that. Gillian gets her friend time and a little freedom, but Mom won't be far away at all........very nice!

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