Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tomorrow - Head East!

Gillian and I have been having a WONDERFUL week. The weather has been beautiful, even today. Although cooler than Monday and Tuesday, it was still spring like. Plus, it didn't rain! I thought we might have a dreary day, but again, we lucked out. It's been a little overcast off and on, but right now the sun is shining, and it's 55 degrees, and that is truly lovely for mid-March in Iowa.

Tomorrow we head east to Illinois. We'll spend Thursday and Friday morning with my family. I'm really looking forward to seeing my mom, dad, and sister. I don't know if we'll see anyone else. Gillian is looking forward to eating whatever Mom makes, which will be spaghetti and meatballs and garlic bread, minus the meatballs for the vegetarian.

Friday we'll head into the 'burbs. The Chicago suburbs, to be exact. Gillian is going to visit a friend from camp, and I am going to visit my Sis by choice, Janice. She happens to be having a party Friday evening, so I'm also looking forward to meeting some of her Chicago friends. I don't know what else we'll do this weekend, but I KNOW we'll have a great time! Gillian is very excited to spend time with her friend, and they have the entire weekend planned.

But, first, gotta pack!

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