Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Habits

So, yesterday I started my new resolution. I did have to compromise on this grocery trip, however, and did shop at Walmart (gasp). I have an in-store credit to use up, and I certainly wasn't going to let that go to waste!

I stuck to my list and only bought what would fit in my canvas bag. And it all fit.

Going forward, I will not desert Walmart entirely. Certain things are just the best value there. Canned goods, like beans, tomatoes, things like that. And while I am going to make a commitment to buy local, local people do work at Walmart, and need people to shop there so they can have their jobs. And that's important, too.

Isn't it funny that it takes time and effort to live a more simple life?

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Johanna said...

It does take effort, but it's well worth it. As much as I'd like to give up Wal-Mart, I just don't. I buy the really healthy food and they are the better price for heart-healthy soups and such. To shop what only fits into 2 canvas bags would be very hard for me. I like to shop less often and buy more. It's just easier that way! :)

Let us know how things go and it's a great idea!