Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some Weeks are Just Weird

Holidays are over. Back to work, back to school, right? Not so fast, bub......

Poor Gillian. She picked up some horrible crud, either from the kids at Winter Camp or from her Grandma. Regardless, she has one nasty case of the CRUD. Sore throat, cough, a fever, and just general YUCK. I took her to the doctor yesterday, they tested her for Strep, it came back negative. Diagnosed with one of those wonderfully vague viruses.

And now she is worse than she was yesterday! Did I take her to the doctor too soon? I've never heard of that being the case, but honestly.......I don't remember these vague viruses when I was a kid. Perhaps the microscopic organisms are winning?

So, the poor kid is dealing with the crud, and I'm just thankful for really good sick benefits. Between Dan and I, we've got the kid covered. But to have two weeks off for Christmas, and then get sick, just not a great way to begin the New Year!

Fortunately, the Hawkeyes won the Orange Bowl!!!! GO HAWKS! I think they surprised a great many people by taking the lead early in the game over Georgia Tech. and keeping control of the game until the very end. They proved their critics wrong and walked away with a solid win. They did the State of Iowa proud, and I have to say Thanks! and GREAT GAME!

So, after all the excitement of the game, and taking care of a sick kid, we find ourselves in the middle of a Winter Storm Warning. 6-9 inches of snow, lots of wind, and bitterly cold temperatures. Yep. Welcome to January in the Midwest. Yep.

Is it spring yet?

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Johanna said...

I'm hoping that Gillian beats this bug. She's been sick quite a bit, hasn't she? Poor sweetie pie. With that said, this is the most wonderful time of the year to be sick, or to recuperate from surgery. Lots of snow, wind and cold temperatures means being inside is ultra cozy and I LOVE cozy. :)

Yeah for Iowa! I knew you'd be happy!