Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm Thirsty!

Thought I'd share a short video of one of our cats. This is Angel, although we call her The Petite most of the time, as she is a very dainty girl. Lately, she has become obsessed with the bathroom sink. Any time either of us go into the bathroom, she jumps up on the counter and mews at us until we turn the water on for her! So, we decided to immortalize her favorite pastime.

I'll post some pics of Leo, also known as Leo the Large, later. He's a beautiful marmalade tabby!


Britt-Arnhild said...

LOL. What a cutie .-)

Johanna said...

Our cats drink from the sinks, too! Silly kitty!

Annie said...

What a sweetie. Almost makes me want to get a cat in the house again. They generally "find" us so I suppose it is only a matter of time.

CheleBelle said...

Thanks for your review on the book Elaine. I have been eyeing this one off too and it is in the top 3 for Independent booksellers in Australia at present.