Sunday, September 21, 2008


Gillian had three friends over for a sleepover last night. They've all been friends for a long time (long for 11 year old standards!)

The nice thing about 11 year olds is that they are basically independent. I could just let them have their fun and I could go do my thing. The other side of this coin is, that as laid back as they can be, they can also be REALLY loud and REALLY rowdy until REALLY late!!!! I remember going down, for the third time, at 1am, just to ask them to quiet down a little.......I had my bedroom door closed and they were still loud and clear. Hehehehe

They told me they stayed up until around 2:30am-3:00am. Fortunately, I was asleep by then.

They're awake now, just finished hot cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and they're messing around until their parents come to pick them up. They've had a great time. No sleep, but a great time.

I think I'll be spending the day recuperating!!!!


Patti said...

Boys don't have sleepovers. Ok, so I miss out on the fun part of girls, but then I like my sleep. Eric has had a few friends over, and they are REALLY LOUD! And then they get up REALLY early and play video games. I don't get it, where does the energy come from?????

Annie said...

My kids couldn't have been more different. My son was travelling across the hallway of our apartment in married student housing at 3 years of age, hanging with his buddy. His idea of sleeping was being somewhere else. It was an adventure. He extended the sleep away adventures to traveling to Spain, Italy, Russia, France, England, Canada. It was all an adventure.

Our daughter was totally different. She never slept over anywhere. When she tried to, I was inevitably driving over in the middle of the night to pick her up and bring her home. I think high school was her first experience of a successful sleepover. Traveling works for her now too. Italy, Germany, France, and would you believe, Tunisia. The world opened up into a big adventure for her as well.

Just wait! Sleepovers are just the start. There is a whole big world to sleep over in out there.

Johanna said...

I loved sleepovers as a child and no, sleepovers really amounted to any sleep! :) Sounds like a fun time!

Actually, tomorrow I'm not headed through Iowa City. I'm going up from the lake, so I go through Pittsfield, IL and head up on I-39. Though I'll go back though Iowa City.

I may need to stop over for a debriefing! I talked to my dad this morning for a long time. Sounds like this will be a very trying week! Thank you for the invite. I'll see how the ball bounces!

By the way, I'm signed in under my other ID, so this won't bounce back to my current page. It's my old one.

Anonymous said...

Happy children !!!