Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Leo the Large

Leo is our other cat. He is a gorgeous, fat, marmalade tabby. He's also a shelter kitty, and when we took him home, every single bit of him was scrawny, including his tail. That was in March. I fervently wished that he would beef up a little, as he was so teeny tiny.

I think you can tell from this pictures that I've gotten my wish! He'll be a year old in October:


Annie said...

We are catless at the moment. They tend to find us rather than the other way around. One of our kitties was under a year old and had gone into survival mode, abandoning her kittens because she was starving to death. By the time we found her, she weighed barely a pound. It is amazing how quickly cats can start recovering with regular food and lots of TLC. Leo definitely made a happy landing when you found him.

Patti said...

He is just darling. He has done very well with you and Gillian. I do remember when you brought him home, what a glorious, healthy change!

Johanna said...

He is simply handsome! Such a happy ending for him. :) Our male cats are our largest cats. But I love them all fat and smushy and loveable! :)