Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So.......about Noon I get a call on my cell. It was the school number, so I answered right away. It was Gillian.

"Mom, I fell in the mud at recess....can you bring me some clean pants, socks, and shoes?"

Fell. In the mud. I am trying not to laugh. Fortunately, she does not sound at all upset. She actually sounds amused by the situation!

Then the nurse/secretary gets on the phone. Apparently, Gillian collided with a boy on the playground, and they both took a mud bath.

I chuckled all the way home, while I found clean clothes and shoes, and all the way back to school. On the way in, I ran into the dad of the boy who was part of "Mud 2008," he took a look at what I had in my arms and started to laugh. I took a look at the mud covered clothes he had in hand and laughed along with him.

Gillian wasn't as mud covered as I'd imagined, but she definitely needed clean pants and shoes to go back to class.

And the girl took it all in stride..........And I laughed all the way back to work!


Annie said...

What a great memory for your daughter and so sweetly immortalized here. Reminds me of times way back when with my daughter.

Johanna said...

This reminds me of in North Carolina when in Science class we all made straw contraptions to hold eggs and then dropped them from the top of the outside bleachers.

I climbed to the top when it was my turn, slipped and fell...you guessed it...on my egg.

Olive colored crop pants.

I remember what I wore all those years back.

Patti said...

Life is great! She will remember this one day and laugh and you will laugh with her.